I, Too, Am NYU

This project seeks to:
-empower students of color at NYU through self expression
-assert our belonging to this campus, and bring these issues to the attention of NYU administration
-contest the microaggressions we uniquely experience as students of color at NYU
– educate our peers and potential allies about allyship to students of color in conjunction with the efforts of Ally Week at NYU 2014
We encourage all students of color to participate and share their experience through this creative and impactful endeavor. Pictures will be taken at the following times and locations:
3/26 Wednesday from 5-9, CMEP 8th Floor, Kimmel Center.
3/27 Thursday from 6-8 Kimmel Center, 803.
3/28 Friday from 2-5, CMEP Conference Room, 8th Floor, Kimmel Center.
Please come prepared with the message you want to share in mind! We hope you will join with us in this celebration and expression of identity!

2 comments on “I, Too, Am NYU

  1. aneka says:

    I wish I would have known about this sooner. Is there anyway I can still participate?

  2. ladyforzion says:

    Wow I didn’t know being a white person means you don’t have color. How about this one.

    “Just because I don’t have darker skin must mean I’m see through.”

    How about empowering all human races, rather than excluding a race?

    This project is a great support system. Just because I spoke up doesn’t mean I’m against it =)

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